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The Fight for Freedom Begins

Rick Sanchez

11th Sep 2020


Not so dear authorities,

                 I address you as one of the people and as the people, whom you have sworn to serve and protect, but as of lately it seems not to be the case.

As of late it seems that you have chosen to serve those in power and protect no one in doing so. This is understandable as in most countries now new laws, bills and amendments are being passed by their governments to justify brutal police force and fascist movements.

Every one of these new “laws” justified by the official narrative that sars-cov2 is A DEADLY VIRAL PANDEMIC.

Just for clarification I will do the following calculations for you to decide whether the virus is what the official narrative makes it seem to be.

  • Mortality rate = number of worldwide deaths*100/total world populationInfection fatality rate = number of deaths*100/total number of actual casesAnd as of 12/09/2020

Total number of actual cases = 28,602,644
Total number of Corona related deaths = 918,104
Total recovered patients = 20,487,885 (96%)
Total population = 7,811,195,200
7,196,655 Currently Infected Patients
7,135,880 (99%) in Mild Condition
60,775 (1%) Serious or Critical

Mortality rate = 918,104*100/7,811,195,200 = 0.01%
Infection fatality rate = 918,104*100/28,602,644 = 3.2%

There are currently 28,602,644 confirmed cases and 918,104 deaths from the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak as of September 12, 2020, 21.11 GMT. And according to the latest update from CDC, out of all of THE deaths labeled as deaths caused by covid19, 94% of the victims had more than one underlying health condition (this I will discuss in detail further along).

The above calculations are for the global statistics. Regional or nation wise calculations could be done by replacing the right figures. Refer the below mentioned articles.


As you can clearly see the mortality rate of covid19 is a mere 0.01% which translates to 1 in 10000 has the chance of dying from said virus, furthermore that 1 been in his/her old age with numerous underlying diseases. This, the people already knew or had deduced, but like most servants of the government, the police only saw this as a conspiracy theory. But this conspiracy theory was confirmed as accurate by the facts and figures made public by the CDC, WHO and NIH. For further clarification follow > A much needed eye opener to help one connect the obvious dots. Follow the breadcrumb trail down the rabbit hole and see how far it goes 🕳️👇(https://wearethefinalresistance.wordpress.com/2020/08/27/18/)

So now that it has been established that covid19 is no deadlier than the seasonal flu despite the official narrative, most governments still try to push their propaganda with sheer force that can only be described as fascist movements. And enforcing these fascist regulations are the police departments who had once sworn to protect and serve the people of the community.

And it is this people of the community who take to the streets to protest the unnecessary and extreme measures that ruin their livelihoods all because of a virus with a mortality rate of 0.01%.

And it is this people of the community telling their governments to stop with their propaganda.

It is this people of the community trying to raise awareness on the matter.

It is this people of the community taking action against corrupt governments.

And instead of protecting the citizens of your community whom you swore to protect and to serve, the police choose to serve the elites in power and protect their own skin. The simplest of explanations is that in a democracy and a civilized free country everybody is entitled to basic human rights. And these human rights are being eradicated one by one with the help of the inaccurate official narrative that covid19 is A DEADLY VIRAL PANDEMIC.

Which it is not. Period.

Now that we are clear about the actual situation of covid19 it is time we ask what is the need for such extreme measures, that got people out in the streets protesting? And why are the police arresting and prosecuting peaceful protesters?

It was my belief that we live in a democracy. Do we not?

Which brings me to the next point of discussion. Reminders.

Kindly reminders to the people as well as the concerning authorities

  • Democracy

As you already know a democracy is where the people govern themselves or choose to do so through a group of representatives to whom they grant that power. A sense of equality and justice and transparency.

I quote the following from the below mentioned article.
A democratic system of government is a form of government in which supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodic free elections.

The people as the public give the few representatives the power to work in the community’s best interest. It is from all of us this power originates and puts certain people in the high seats to govern over us. To govern in a just manner that is. However if the public is being oppressed by these elites who govern it can no longer be recognized as a democracy. It is visible when basic human rights of the public are being taken away as it is happening in various countries now.

There is no just cause to take away a humans’ basic rights. Not one just cause!

  • Basic human rights

As humans living in a free society we are entitled basic human rights, that at no point should be taken away no matter what reason is presented. And if regrettably that does happen, realize it is the first step towards tyranny.

I quote the following from the below mentioned website of the United Nations.
The Covenant deals with such rights as freedom of movement; equality before the law; the right to a fair trial and presumption of innocence; freedom of thought, conscience and religion; freedom of opinion and expression; peaceful assembly; freedom of association; participation in public affairs and elections; and protection of minority rights. It prohibits arbitrary deprivation of life; torture, cruel or degrading treatment or punishment; slavery and forced labour; arbitrary arrest or detention; arbitrary interference with privacy; war propaganda; discrimination; and advocacy of racial or religious hatred.

Here I would like to point out, to both my fellow people and the concerning authorities, a few points of importance and relevance. Freedom of opinion and expression, do you see this right being eradicated here and there from time to time? Then it no longer is a democracy.

I quote from the below mentioned article.
Avi Yemini, the Chief Australian correspondent for Rebel News was suddenly tackled to the ground and ARRESTED while covering the ant-lockdown protest in Melbourne.

We demand an end to the Victorian Police state that detains JOURNALISTS for doing their job. Without freedom of the press, we don’t have a democracy.

Avi Yemini had all the correct paperwork and accreditation at the time of his heavy-handed arrest.

The activists also took their fight to court and won a ruling on Friday that the ban on the protests was unconstitutional. The city has said it will appeal the decision.

Freedom of participation of public affairs, do you see this right being eradicated here and there from time to time?

Then it no longer is a democracy.

I quote from the below mentioned article.
With more and more evidence coming out that this COVID-19 has been an orchestrated political attempt to prepare to subjugate the people for this Great Reset, the police who are supporting absolute tyranny in Melbourne, they are risking the real world mindless authoritarian power.

Even the CDC in the USA admits more people are dying from suicides and drug overdoses than COVID. The German Health Minister has publicly admitted the lockdowns were a mistake.

Freedom of association, do you see this right being eradicated here and there from time to time? Then it no longer is a democracy.

I quote from the below mentioned article.
GENEVA (14 April 2020) – A UN expert today called on States not to use state of emergency declarations during the COVID-19 crisis to impose wholesale restrictions on freedom of peaceful assembly and association, and released detailed Guidelines governments and law enforcement agencies must follow to avoid human rights abuses.

”No country or government can solve this health crisis alone and I am concerned about worrying trends and limitations emerging from civil society reports around the world, including on civil society’s ability to support an effective COVID-19 response,” said Clément Nyaletsossi Voule, the UN Special Rapporteur on the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and of association.

”Civil society organisations are key in helping States to frame inclusive policies, disseminate information, and provide social support to vulnerable communities in need,” he said.

As it is stated in the covenant of human rights a democracy prohibits arbitrary deprivation of life such as, torture, cruel or degrading treatment or punishment.
I quote from the below mentioned article.
Victoria Police have warned they will crack down hard on any Victorian’s flouting lockdown measures.

Arbitrary arrest or detention.

I quote from the below mentioned article.
A number of arrests were made prior to the rally, with authorities serving warrants to those promoting the prohibited event on social media, including a pregnant woman, who likened her encounter with officers to a “kidnapping.”

Arbitrary interference with privacy.

I quote from the below mentioned article.
Melbourne cops may now enter homes without warrant, after 11 people die of Covid – Australia, this is madness, not democracy.

I quote from the below mentioned article.
Apparently, police in the city have decided they need to resort to tactics usually employed by the US Army to track down jihadis in the mountains of Afghanistan to catch people simply leaving their homes. Among the crimes these drones will be dispatched to try and catch people committing are such heinous offenses as going to the beach, not wearing masks, visiting playgrounds or using skate parks.

Major Concerns

As the situation unfolds it goes to show that the people in power have influence so great upon various institutions depending on them for orders, that when a country’s whole community raises its voice against the deceptive official narrative, the authorities still follow orders that destroy the livelihoods of the citizens and strips away their basic human rights.

My concern at this juncture is the move towards fascism that is clearly visible through current actions of many governments. The excessive power given to the police, who have sworn to serve and protect the public but still receive orders from the governments.

  • The movement towards fascism

It is clearly evident that democracy is losing its meaning in the face of the few elites in power, who are trying to lead the world into a fascist regime using their own false official narrative of covid19 as the justifying reason. This is apparent as new bills are being passed giving the police more power than needed and clearly ought to have. Oppression in the form of law is the critical kind.

I quote from the below mentioned article.
As governments across the globe expand mass surveillance programs in the name of public health, activist and whistleblower Edward Snowden warns that we are watching them build “the architecture of oppression.”

Perhaps more insidious are new measures that simply expand the power and discretion of the police to “enforce social distancing” in the name of flattening the curve — many of which were passed swiftly in just the past few weeks.
As the article goes on to highlight, many governments have passed legislations that give excessive power to the police, which at this juncture not only seems unnecessary but also suspicious.

I quote from the same article mentioned above.
The UK Parliament passed a bill that gives the government “the power to detain and isolate people indefinitely, ban public gatherings including protests, and shut down ports and airports . . . with little oversight,” the New York Times reports.

Australia introduced sweeping new legislation that gives police “the power to fine or arrest people caught gathering in groups of more than two or for being outside of their homes without a “reasonable excuse.”

France put 100,000 additional police officers on the streets to enforce their 15-day lockdown.

In Peru, military troops patrolled a key portion of the city center, stopping vehicles and allowing only emergency and medical vehicles through.

Vietnam has been sending citizens to military-run quarantine camps.

Police in the Philippines have reportedly been “subjecting people who violate the national lockdown to violent punishment, including locking them in crowded dog cages.”

All over the world, countries are treating police as troops in a so-called “war” against the coronavirus, giving them new powers to impose social order. These extremities are justified as the war against coronavirus in the name of public health. Might I remind each and every one of you that, whilst there is no logical reason to go these lengths to stop a virus no more deadly than the seasonal flu, that no war can ever justify oppression.

It is no secret that those with power abuse it. Absolute power does corrupt absolutely.

And now given power to a group of people who believe by the nature of their profession are better than the next man/woman only proves to be a growing danger to the public.

I quote from the below mentioned article.
One former police officer apparently let the truth slip: going forward, he said, “people are going to be charged with more charges or more serious charges than they otherwise would because they put the officers in more danger.” This attitude, that police lives are more valuable than others by virtue of their occupation, simply cannot be conducive to public safety.
As it has been made clearly evident throughout history, the police although sworn to serve and protect the community they however live to serve those that who issue them orders and at the end of the month, pay them. When considering this factor it seems risky to place power in them when the governments themselves seem to be making all the wrong decisions.

For example why are there any restrictions at all for a virus with a mortality rate of 0.01%?

I quote from the below mentioned article.
A bill giving police sweeping powers to potentially enter homes without warrants while enforcing Covid-19 alert level rules has passed.

The Covid-19 Public Health Response Bill was rushed through Parliament in time for alert level 2 but came under intense scrutiny from the Opposition.
It is now apparent after carefully analyzing the necessary information and statistics regarding covid19, that it is not a disease that can even remotely be referred to as A DEADLY VIRAL PANDEMIC.

Yet the governments around the world seem almost determined to keep using it as a scapegoat as they try to build a totalitarian and fascist regime to enforce absolute power and control upon the free people of the world.

I quote the following from the below mentioned article.
Governments across America already used the pandemic, and the media-stoked panic around the pandemic particularly, to limit, restrict or remove First Amendment freedoms of speech and free association, with officials complaining about the potential restraints the freedom of religion imposed upon them. Others denied or declared the right to deny Second Amendment rights of gun purchase for personal safety (at a time governments are issuing no-arrest and no-detention orders for a wide range of crimes in their community while publicly freeing inmates from jails and prisons). They want to coordinate with tech companies to surveil and spy on your everyday movements and activities, in violation of the Fourth Amendment and potentially waive, unilaterally, your medical right to privacy in multiple contexts.

Stay-at-home orders deprive you of your profession, occupation, business and property, without any due process of law at all beyond an executive fiat in violation of the Fifth Amendment right to due process.

Governments request the authority to involuntarily imprison any American on mere fear of infection without any probable cause of crime or clear and present danger of harm by that person’s volitional conduct, deny access to personal counsel in an unsupervised, un-surveilled manner in violation of the Sixth Amendment, and act as judge, jury and executioner in violation of the Seventh Amendment right to a trial by jury, as jury trials themselves get suspended around the country in the nation’s quieted courts and fear-muted public.

The real pandemic threat is here. It’s the panic that will quarantine our Constitution.

How could one possibly be justified for doing evil?

It is by pretending to be the lesser evil.

Each and every one of rights that have been eradicated, in the perfect smokescreen that is covid19, is one more step towards a fascist regime where the people will hold no power and the ones in power will not be held accountable for their actions.

Let us look once more at the obvious facts covid19 only has a mortality rate of 0.01% worldwide and as the CDC has recently updated their website 94% of the people whose deaths have been counted as covid19 death had various other underlying diseases whilst most of them being senior citizens. To add to this we have a test with NO GOLD STANDARD to diagnose whether a person has contracted the virus or not, producing a high magnitude of false positive results.

And all of these facts have been admitted by the CDC, WHO, NIH but the mainstream media fails to bring this information to the public while the people who try to share this information on other platforms are being censored.

And as all of this is happening the world governments decide to pass legislations and bills that give police the power to take away human rights without ever having to face any consequences.

At what point did logic fly out the window for you?

It is time we step out of our comfort zones and take charge of our lives and future or there would be no comfort zone left to return to. Take a minute to comprehend the fact that governments are lending the necessary power to the police to take away your human rights, excused by a virus that they themselves labeled A DEADLY VIRAL PANDEMIC and fed the official narrative to the public through the mainstream media, but the actual facts and figures goes to show that the novel coronavirus is no more deadly than the seasonal flu.

This is injustice of the most fascist caliber.

  • The fear mongering

This has been a major factor leading to the current predicament. By relating to the one thing all living creatures have, survival instinct, governments feed fear through mainstream media. Thus, causing enough hysteria to justify and establish tyrannical control while enforcing restrictions that otherwise would never have come into being. To further understand the influence of mainstream media let us look at the simple fact that the media industry is an oligopoly. A very few conglomerates control 90% of the American mainstream media, six of them to be exact.

As I say American media, one does not have to wonder for too long how influential America has become to the rest of the world as of late. In the same manner the information that flows through American media generates enough effect to determine that the same information reaches every other country. And as it is apparent how big a role media plays in an age of technology, misinformation or information filtering can only be seen as manipulation of the general public. I quote from the below mentioned article.
Most people sense or are starting to sense that we are not getting the whole truth from our news outlets which is absolutely critical to having free society. Over the years media mergers and consolidation has put most of our media in the hands of those with an agenda it seems. The fact people are really starting to open their eyes to the fact we might not be getting the whole truth. With half truths, disinformation, misinformation, and media blackouts on certain tops or events we later learn or hear about online.

The illusion of choice leads the people to believe that they will get the whole truth and nothing but the truth from at least one media outlet. The fact that the mainstream media is owned by few media moguls, who as businessmen have agendas of their own, does not seem to bother most who depend on mainstream media for their information. This is only due to the fact that most of the people already buy the propaganda without question because it has proven to be convenient rather than look into a matter by themselves for themselves.

I quote from the below mentioned article.
The truth is that each of us is deeply influenced by the messages that are constantly being pounded into our heads by the mainstream media.
Furthermore, to realize the real threat that controlled and censored media poses to public opinion and therefore endanger democracy, one has to research into much complicated subjects that up until recently have been secret to the public.
I quote the following from the below mentioned article.
Physiological effects have been observed in a human subject in response to stimulation of the skin with weak electromagnetic fields that are pulsed with certain frequencies near ½ Hz or 2.4 Hz, such as to excite a sensory resonance. Many computer monitors and TV tubes, when displaying pulsed images, emit pulsed electromagnetic fields of sufficient amplitudes to cause such excitation. It is therefore possible to manipulate the nervous system of a subject by pulsing images displayed on a nearby computer monitor or TV set. For the latter, the image pulsing may be embedded in the program material, or it may be overlaid by modulating a video stream, either as an RF signal or as a video signal. The image displayed on a computer monitor may be pulsed effectively by a simple computer program. For certain monitors, pulsed electromagnetic fields capable of exciting sensory resonances in nearby subjects may be generated even as the displayed images are pulsed with subliminal intensity.

As the patent itself is visible here I think nobody would label this another conspiracy theory. And to those surprised at this information I tell there is much more where that came, you only need to look with intent. The following is one such topic, it is up to you to connect the dots to the bigger picture.

As it goes to show, mainstream media plays a major role in determining the public opinion. And just as in most matters, the media conglomerates spread misinformation to create panic and hysteria that will help further their agenda. Through fear they created the necessary chaos, to which they plan to bring order by mass manipulation, whilst installing a totalitarian regime with fascist attributes.

  • Mandatory vaccinations

This has always remained a major concern and by the look of how things are unraveling at the moment I think this scenario has a high possibility of occurring. Seen as the governments have given the police more than enough power to ridicule and persecute peaceful protesters, I can only imagine what would happen to those who would reject mandatory vaccination.

I quote from the below mentioned article.
For those fearing that all the prior state-enforced social distancing and lockdown protocol which hit a peak in early summer — from arresting surfers on empty beaches, to telling people they can’t even jog, to police detaining moms for merely letting their children play on taxpayer bought public playgrounds — would only too easily and hastily transition to a forced vaccination regimen the moment one is rushed out despite safety or the various potential long-term side effect ‘unknowns’

Well, it’s happening: Australians are likely to face mandatory coronavirus vaccinations if Prime Minister Scott Morrison gets his wish. The nation is a step closer to gaining access to a vaccine, with the Federal Government securing an international deal to produce a vaccine front runner locally if trials succeed.

If that happens, Mr Morrison expects Australians will have to undergo mandatory vaccination. And no doubt other developed nations will eventually follow suit, given as we’ve detailed we’re already to the point of colleges, schools, and office spaces in many instances requiring as a condition of return to campus or work space a COVID-19 test, or in some cases individuals are subject to weekly tests. Based on the trend, these current testing requirements will seamlessly switch to vaccination requirements, as will apparently likely happen in Australia.

  • What’s one more conspiracy theory?!

The current situation in Melbourne Australia has got me worried about whether it is just the phase one of the more elaborate plan to put the whole world under tyrannical control through fascist movements. Like it is the testing ground to determine how the rest of the world would react to this injustice of the highest caliber. And the current reaction to it, while being promising is not exactly what would stop these elites from making the necessary changes, when the time comes to dominate the rest of the world with sheer force, that will make us criminals just for speaking up. And this is already the case in Melbourne Australia. Injustice is injustice if it happens to just one of us or the whole lot of us, wherever we may be residing. And if we do not speak up for our brothers and sisters who at this very moment, are living in a fascist regime deprived of their basic human rights then we are as guilty as the tyrants who are making their life a living hell. I quote from the below mentioned article.
The world is changing, and is changing fast. A group of international business elites with oligarchic origins continue to manipulate society in hopes of transforming the world into a vision from Orwell’s dystopia – with Australia seemingly positioned as test dummies for numerous aspects of this system.


It is now a realistic and growing concern to the rest of the world as the tyranny in Melbourne Australia, only challenged half-heartedly, continues on. If left unchecked and unchallenged, to the point where the elites will have to step down and take full responsibility for their propagandistic actions up until now, the testing ground will only grow larger in scale, finally enveloping the entire world. I quote the following from the below mentioned article.
The state of Victoria has imposed one of the harshest lockdowns seen anywhere in the world during the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s provided an insight into what some leaders might get away with in the future.

Winston Churchill once said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

Politicians the world over are adept at following this motto. Within days of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the US Congress overwhelmingly passed the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) joint resolution which gave President Bush powers to invade Afghanistan and was later used by President Obama to justify US military action further afield in Libya and Syria. Only one legislator voted against the resolution in 2001.

  • A test with NO GOLD STANDARD, and I cannot emphasize this enough

The RT-PCR test, as I discussed in my previous article, was not developed for diagnostic purposes. Although it could be utilized for this purpose, it carries the risk of producing false positive results at an alarming rate. Therefore directly attributing to the increasing infection rate, but this however does not correspond equally with the number of deaths caused solely by sars-cov2.
I quote from the below mentioned article.
Local lockdowns have been imposed because infections are deemed dangerously high, but research by experts at Oxford University suggests as many as half of the “positive” tests relied upon could actually be false.

This is because the current test is so sensitive it can pick up dead and harmless viral particles that are shed once the infection has passed.
The following is a direct extraction from my previous article.
And it has been discovered that among the WHO primer sequences used in the PCR tests, one such sequence can be found in all human DNA.

And I will quote from the article mentioned below.
The sequence “CTCCCTTTGTTGTGTTGT” is an 18-character primer sequence found in the WHO coronavirus PCR testing protocol document. The primer sequences are what get amplified by the PCR process in order to be detected and designated a “positive” test result. It just so happens this exact same 18-character sequence, verbatim, is also found on Homo sapiens chromosome 8! As far as I can tell, this means that the WHO test kits should find a positive result in all humans.
To further prove these findings this website redirects us to a government webpage which confirms that this particular sequence “CTCCCTTTGTTGTGTTGT” is found in all Homo sapiens.

Now the questions that we need to ask ourselves to further understand the circumstances and then ask the concerning authorities.
If the RT-PCR is not a designated diagnostic tool and has NO GOLD STANDARD, why do we still depend on it to diagnose the disease?

That too, by using a primer sequence that exists in all Homo sapiens, all the while having proof that it is bound to produce false positive results at such a rate that it dramatically increases the number of cases? Why indeed? Well……….. Whatever the reason might be, as the number of infections, diagnosed by a test with NO GOLD STANDARD, increase, the governments’ are therefore given reason to exercise covid19 restrictions in the most fascist manner possible.
I think you might almost be seeing a couple of dots connecting now.

Word of advice

The most important thing at this point and every other point will always remain to be the TRUTH.

  • Discover the truth

The first step in the fight against tyranny and oppression to obtain freedom is educating the brainwashed mind. Break free from the decade long manipulation of the system and seek the truth on your own for your own.

  • Connect the dots

Then as we learn to seek the truth by ourselves for ourselves, patterns might start to emerge that will connect distant and rather insignificant incidents into one big conspiracy. We, however, should not make the mistake of presenting our findings without the necessary evidence, that would only make more confusion among the already confused. But at times when the evidence is overwhelming come forth with your findings and alert your community.

  • Raise awareness

Becoming aware of the actual situation ourselves and raising awareness around us is the next best action we can take and it should be done in an unbiased and unprejudiced manner.

Another conspiracy unveiled

Although the novel coronavirus sars-cov2 was only named as “Covid19” by the WHO in February 2020, various countries have been placing orders of diagnostic test kits since the year 2018. This is no longer just a conspiracy theory because the world bank website has an active record for the said transaction.

I quote from the below mentioned article.
The World Bank website has an active record for “COVID-19 Diagnostic Test Instruments and apparatus (902780) exports by country in 2018” even though the World Health Organization did not name Coronavirus “COVID-19” until February 2020 amid this year’s outbreak.
Why, in the year of 2018, were test kits deemed necessary when there was no outbreak of the said virus until towards the end of 2019? Were these governments aware of the upcoming outbreak?
The article goes on to say.
Journalist Patrick Howley first reported that NIAID funded Wuhan Institute of Virology scientists to conduct bat coronavirus research in an article for National File. Howley reported: Dr. Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) actually funded a study on Bat Coronavirus, which was a project that included scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the Chinese lab at the center of controversy over their bat research. That study confirmed in 2018 that humans have died from coronavirus.
A lot of controversy was and is still around the origin of the virus named covid19. And new information is coming to light that definitely helps one take a wild guess that, with the given circumstances, will surely prove to be a mighty good guess. And not so surprisingly another conscientious human being is about to blow the whistle on the origin of the virus named covid19.

I quote from the below mentioned article.
Respected Chinese virologist Dr Li-Meng Yan, who specialised in virology and immunology at the Hong Kong School of Public Health, claimed that Beijing knew about the coronavirus well before reports began to emerge. She has since been forced to flee Hong Kong fearing her life is in danger, and appeared today on Loose Women from a secret location, revealing that the Chinese government had ‘removed all her information’ from government databases. Dr Yan claimed that reports that Covid-19 originated at a wet market in Wuhan are a ‘smoke screen’, and that she plans to publish a report she claims has evidence the virus is man made.
After thoroughly reading the material and taking in the full scope of its meaning, I believe anyone would be able to connect the obvious dots.

The Silent Testimony

For the majority of the public the opinion of the few who speak against the official narrative was never enough, and this is the case with the authorities as well. So the term “conspiracy theorist” was seen to be circulating in every media platform as of late. So to put the minds of the people, who want the truth to come from the system itself, at ease I will now bring information that recently came into light. The following I quote from the below mentioned article.
The CDC has published an update that acknowledges “Covid-19 was the only cause mentioned” in 6 per cent of total coronavirus deaths.
Which, in other terms this means that 94% of the people who had allegedly died of the novel coronavirus had major underlying health issues.

I quote from the below mentioned article.
Based on the CDC’s data, 94% of people have died with coronavirus along with one or more other underlying health issues. The CDC’s Aug. 28 update stated that there were 167,558 COVID-19 total deaths, which means 10,053 died solely of coronavirus alone with no other health conditions.
And according to the CDC the top underlying medical conditions linked to the coronavirus deaths are as follows,

  • Influenza and pneumonia, Respiratory failure, Hypertensive disease Diabetes Vascular and unspecified dementia, Cardiac Arrest Heart failure, Renal failure, Intentional and unintentional injury, poisoning and other adverse events, Other medical conditions

Each and every one of these medical conditions can be considered fatal and according to the CDC 94% of the people, whose deaths were counted as covid19 deaths, had an average of 2.6 of above mentioned critical health conditions.

I quote from the below mentioned article.
For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death,” the CDC website reads.

As the truth has been made apparent and transparent the public now have the right to question the authority and the power to relieve them of their duties seen as none of the officials so far seem to be concerned about the people but rather their own agenda. And as the truth clearly goes to show that covid19 was never A DEADLY VIRAL PANDEMIC to begin with.

The inadequacy of the world health organizations along with political propaganda and the influence of mainstream media made it seem as if the novel coronavirus is the worst pandemic in human existence but in truth it is no deadlier than the seasonal flu with a mortality rate of 0.01%. But still some governments exercise unnecessary covid19 restrictions on its citizens disrupting their livelihoods as well taking a toll on their mental stability which is a direct offense against peoples health.

Why do they continue to do so?

Ask them, you have that right. Bring them out into the open and ask them why the covid19 restrictions continue when you as the people know the truth. It is important to confront these elite forces as soon as possible or they will make sure that necessary legislations are passed that even to question the official narrative shall be considered as treason. And by the look of it, this scenario might not be so far away.

Power to the people

Through all the confusion and the chaos the people who have searched for the truth, beyond the official narrative fed by mainstream media to the public on behalf of the world governments, have discovered it. The truth being covid19 only has a mortality rate of 0.01% and the simple logic that a disease of stature does not need to be labeled as A DEADLY VIRAL PANDEMIC and definitely does have the need for restrictions that, at the moment is challenging human existence more than the virus itself.So the people who are aware of the situation have taken the steps to raise awareness by speaking out the truth.

The free people of the world have stepped out of the comfort of their homes and into the streets to peacefully protest the covid19 restrictions that are too extreme and unnecessary to begin with. However this news has not reached the people who depend on mainstream media for their information, as mainstream media does not deem the public opinion worthy enough to be reported about on their programs.

Peaceful protests have been carried out in numerous countries to demonstrate the fact that the people of the world are now aware of the real situation regarding the covid19 matter. These protests took place in every continent and in almost every major city.
(Videos to refer are attached to the main article)

Do not misunderstand the intention behind these protests no matter what you hear from the mainstream media. Nobody is protesting against public health.

People out in the streets are fighting for their rights which are being taken away using a virus no more deadly than the seasonal flu as an excuse.

And the people who are aware of the facts and figures and who do not buy the official narrative, that the world health departments are now trying to go back on step by step, are taking initiative to stand up against tyranny and mass manipulation. I implore each and every one of you to research for yourself every aspect of this matter and come to your own conclusions as no one can ever be manipulated if they are aware of the truth themselves.
(A much needed eye opener to help one connect the obvious dots. Follow the breadcrumb trail down the rabbit hole and see how far it goes .👇

We, as the people are one. Do not ever forget that. It is politics 101 to divide and conquer. And that is exactly what we are seeing from the authorities. The effort to confuse and divide us up so that each and every one of us will have to depend on them for everything. Instead we should stand united in the fight against tyranny and unlawful governing carried out by our governments.

And one such united movement has made it possible for citizens of Canada to lawfully reject every covid19 restriction. It was the people who assembled, it was the people who decided, it was the people who acted and it was the people who benefited. Canadians won their freedom by declaring a law that criminalizes any person attempting to impose covid19 regulations on Canadian citizens.
I quote from the below mentioned article.

A Law was passed today by a council of citizens’ assemblies that struck down and criminalized all COVID measures requiring masking, distancing, quarantining, and vaccines. Under the new Public Safety Law NCCLA Order No. 09082020-A, any attempt to impose such measures on Canadians is considered a punishable crime and can result in the arrest and trial of the offender, regardless of their office.

Canadians are encouraged to actively resist COVID measures, relying on the new law and local Common Law Sheriffs. The law was issued by the National Council of Common Law Assemblies (NCCLA), which unites more than forty such Assemblies across Canada within the jurisdiction of the Republic of Kanata. The NCCLA also issued a Stand Down Order to all government, police and health officials that requires that they not enforce COVID measures and comply with the new law.Copies of the NCCLA documents are attached to this release and are posted at (www.republicofkanata.ca) under “Media”.

“The Council is far more democratic and representative of the will of Canadians than is Parliament or the courts, which are not only closed but have handed over their power to a handful of unaccountable bureaucrats” said Kevin Annett, a co-convener of the NCCLA.“In the absence of responsible government, we the people are defending ourselves from a corporate police state. It is now up to every Canadian to enforce this Law and use it to defend their children and their liberties and overturn this tyranny while they still can.

”For more information contact the NCCLA at (councilofassemblies@protonmail.com) and see (www.republicofkanata.ca).

The Republic of Kanata (www.republicofkanata.ca) can be contacted at (republicofkanata@gmail.com) and its public voice can be heard every Sunday at 3 pm pacific, 6 pm eastern at (www.bbsradio.com/herewestand)

This I see as hope and also proof that a united front, armed with the truth can overcome any tyrant or fascist regime. But we cannot however wait around for someone else to fight for our freedom. If we value freedom, then it is up to each and every one of us to stand our ground and speak against oppression.

Authorities should clearly state their intentions

I believe it is time that the authorities state their true intentions, as each point in their story up until now contradicts every other.Governments all over the world overreacted to this alleged pandemic which evidently has a mortality rate of only 0.01%. And continues to do so even as the people point out that the facts and figures contradict this official narrative. It is their general idea that they know best. Their best being,

  • Labeling a virus with a mortality rate of 0.01% as A DEADLY VIRAL PANDEMIC. Imposing worldwide lockdown when they have not even performed the necessary tests to determine the actual severity of the situation.Using a test with NO GOLD STANDARD to diagnose patients leading to many false positive results.Censoring educated medical professionals who question the official narrative and the extreme measures taken. Feeding fear through mainstream media to invoke control when actually covid19 is no more deadly than the seasonal flu.Manipulating the public into believing a vaccine is necessary for a virus with a mortality rate of 0.01%. Failing to present statistics related to the virus but rather successful in promoting their own official narrative. Misrepresenting data and information which clearly shows there was, and is no need for covid19 restrictions or a vaccine. Pushing through the vaccine agenda, with unjustified haste, when there is actually no need for it.

The authorities still push forward their agenda utilizing every resource at their disposal depriving people of their livelihoods as well as their rights. And they do so under guise of public safety and philanthropy when the statistics actually prove that there is no need for these extreme measures to be taken.

So one would naturally have to ask oneself what is the motive here? Is it really to contain and control a virus that the authorities themselves labeled A DEADLY VIRAL PANDEMIC but only has a mortality rate of 0.01%?

Or are there ulterior motives? As someone who has lived in the system for close to three decades I personally think that politics has always been a dirty business where the elite divide and conquer the not so fortunate. All evidence to support my claim has always been presented to us each day of our lives. So it is time as the free people of the world for us to demand that the authorities state their true intentions.

The message

I, now, speak to the people of the world. You, those who see through the lies and the deceit wake up another. It is only through unity we can win against tyranny. Unity with no regards to race, religion, gender or borders.

We as the people need to be organized and connected with one another in a way that no authority could ever pick us up one one by one. And when they try to do so, they would have to answer to each and every one of us.

We must make it known that the people are no longer buying the propaganda that covid19 is A DEADLY VIRAL PANDEMIC. And the restrictions forced on us because of a virus with a mortality rate of only 0.01% are too extreme and most of all unnecessary to begin with.

It is from this standpoint that we must raise our voice. Simple logical reasoning. And after doing so we as the people should ask the intentions of the authorities as we can now obviously see through their lies. Let us ask them to drop the act and come out of the propagandist closet. It is time we asked them straight, whether they mean war!

Original article here: https://wearethefinalresistance.wordpress.com/2020/09/11/a-letter-to-the-authorities/





The Coronavirus (Retention of Fingerprints and DNA Profiles in the Interests of National Security) (No. 2) Regulations 2020







United Health Professionals Get Their Own Youtube Channel

ER Editor: We remind readers of the important message issued by United Health Professionals. See “STOP the Manipulation, Masks, Lies, Fear…”- international collective of healthcare professionals. They now have their own Youtube channel in addition to a Facebook page.


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Celem jest wpłynięcie na pobudkę polskich Słowian, abyśmy odzyskali naszą ojczyznę

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"Dla triumfu zła potrzeba tylko, by dobrzy ludzie nic nie robili"

Wirtualna Polonia BIS im. Włodka Kulińskiego

" - Wyśmiewani za niemodny patriotyzm, wierni Bogu i Ojczyźnie podnieśliśmy głowy."


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Connecting true geography and detailed unfolding of wide variety of crimes perpetrated by German/Ukrainian Nazis and jewish bolsheviks of Soviet Union on the Polish nation.

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Connecting true geography and detailed unfolding of wide variety of crimes perpetrated by German/Ukrainian Nazis and jewish bolsheviks of Soviet Union on the Polish nation.


Connecting true geography and detailed unfolding of wide variety of crimes perpetrated by German/Ukrainian Nazis and jewish bolsheviks of Soviet Union on the Polish nation.


Connecting true geography and detailed unfolding of wide variety of crimes perpetrated by German/Ukrainian Nazis and jewish bolsheviks of Soviet Union on the Polish nation.

Connecting true geography and detailed unfolding of wide variety of crimes perpetrated by German/Ukrainian Nazis and jewish bolsheviks of Soviet Union on the Polish nation.

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