Connecting true geography and detailed unfolding of wide variety of crimes perpetrated by German/Ukrainian Nazis and jewish bolsheviks of Soviet Union on the Polish nation.

Plunder, part 1/10 – ‘Hyenas’

Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ”Killer Culture”


‘’Those that give up Liberty for short term security, Deserve neither Liberty or Security’’


Plunder is a 10 part report regarding my family’s experiences since the destruction of Quiggins in 2006 through our eventual home eviction of 3rd July 2014 up until being rehoused 9th May 2016. Having secured a home to date, I am now willing to release each section of the report.

Through my struggle with the Jewish system occupying Europe I intend to expose the sinister dealings of the Jewish Shetar and prove why it is a construct detrimental to the European but in the interest of the Jew. The Jewish tribe use it as an entrapment so they can steal the wealth of Europe and genocide Europeans.

I also give a huge ‘thank you’ to the Marxist construct of “institutionalised white privilege” applied by the Jewish tribe to the European race for without the Jewish anti-European agenda the issues discussed would not be possible.  

What if I told you

The past ten years have been a chaotic roller coaster ride for me and my family. The whole period has brought mixed emotions but also “thankfully” an awakening to reality. This path that I was forced to travel has made me fully aware of the whole Shetar  infrastructure and the Jewish tool of “Democracy” that continues to prostrate the masses with a politically correct Marxist doctrine under the Talmudic hand of Jewish Zionism.

Long after the drawn out litigation in 2006 that plundered my independence, children’s inheritance, life’s work and livelihood (“Quiggins“) to the despotic “Shetar” a ghostly shadow still hangs over me as I am rendered homeless and dependent on the very same Shetar deception. Having neutralised Quiggins the Zio-Marxist infrastructure were able to blatantly spearhead and energise their new immigrant trust centre called Novas. It also cleared a route for their new Gay village trust program to pamper their new ‘normal’ voting bloc.

This was achieved unconstitutionally through a “legal” compulsory purchase order (CPO/Eminent_domain) that permits Jewish Zionism to asset strip property from a nation’s folk. It was unfortunately expedited with the help of the insider dealings of my own brother. Himself a victim of today’s high maintenance superficial society the Jewish enemy was able to activate his obvious narcissistic vices.

Years earlier, against the advice of my father and sister and at no cost to himself, I appointed my brother a nominee director while I legally re-positioning myself as company secretary. I was eventually to witness him covet and gamble away while also carpetbagging the remainder of our lifelong investments, having usurped me during final negotiations concerning the George Henry Lee acquisition. My brother of course was well lubricated by the opposition to cause division and had unbeknown to me been covertly working against my plans. He signed away the key ransom site “Quiggins”Bonds 2 hoping it would be a quick fix buy back remedy to save his failing marriage from a solvent trespasser and having done so it then neutralised my public hazard bond. My sons illness although a responsible distraction to me, become an asset to my brother.

The public hazard bond AKA National Insurance (NI) as the name suggests was originally in place as a security or protection against a loss or other financial burden (foreign situs pre-paid indemnity trust account); a birth right or dowry given at birth that is not supposed to be surrendered. It was meant to individually protect our social needs; a National social fund that provided insurance for medicinal prescriptions, dentistry, home care, hospitalisation, Mortgage, re-housing even PDSA animal welfare or any other fundamental needs. This protection (indemnity) was meant to shield the native European people from corporate debits when government/corporations cut into the public trust. In fact it was meant to protect the public against precisely the cuts into the public trust account that is happening to me. Yet it is our “National Social” Insurance bond number (NI) that is the key element to our “corporate” enslavement and the means by which the Jew gains consent to plunder European inheritance (public hazard bond). By means of your signature (consent) the Jew gains access to each individual account (Public Hazard Bond) then offers your money back to you as if it belonged to them. Hence the manipulative wordplay “benefit” instead of entitlement keeping us submissive and under Jewish control through their credit rating score con, knowing once the pressure for settlement is on! You have then been pre-conditioned to take the short term option, to release the pressure by offering back sterling, or your signature, to settle intimidating debts or contracts. Thus in my case my brother’s consenting transfer allowed the Duke to legally trade and raise the £55m credit on the bond (a figure which was confirmed during the 2004 public enquiry). Prior to the bond transfer the Dukes paper for occupation was dormant. It was my or our consenting signature’s that made the Duke’s piece of paper a tradable surety instrument. Wherever the public hazard bond is being traded the Jew will be involved in the chain.

However, the true objective is revealed in my plight- “Displacement” and Zio-Marxist State controlled “Dependency“. I had previously been refuged as an “Internally Displaced Person” (IDP) in one of the Zio-Marxist ‘charity’ trust fronts still using the name YMCA. This will reveal itself further on in these writings. It is here that the European system is corrupted by corporate despotic vision subverting our true State social mechanisms of entitlement and interests. Jewish corporate operatives have high-jacked and politicised our true national social mechanisms that they now ransom back to us to engineer society into obedience. Entitlement = allowance of the allocated GDP, a form of tax exemption regarding profits which are being distributed elsewhere. Yet we, as ‘sentient beings’ with conscience are the principals of the accounts in fact!’ as opposed to ‘inanimate corporate bodies’ being fictitious dreams of men. The account conduit is DWP The Money changers(Department of works and pensions). We have been conditioned to accept all our protective social mechanisms as Zio-Marxist ‘charitable’ donations bestowed as benevolence from the new elite our Jewish puppet masters.

Lucky for me I was capable of minutely dissecting their Zio-Marxist scam having had an overriding impulse to work backwards and retrace my steps back through the chaos. This system is perpetrated on the masses and guarded by a carefully selected group of Masonic gatekeepers. (E.g. Lawyers, accountants and other hell-raisers; Shetar Agents.) They are the middlemen charged with maintaining the deception that the system is a tangled web that must be deciphered by a professional. (E.g. Lawyers, accountants and other hell-raisers, Shetar Agents.) This serves the interests of the Jew who is stealthily siphoning European wealth and temporarily the exploitable misogynist, Zio-marxist and grafted in imports all suckling from their Jewish guardian until their no-longer required. Thus the “Talmudic Shetar” is a solvent corporate system detached from common and natural law but Theodor Hertzle 1897structured long-term to incrementally asset strip European nations and destroy her people.

In fact the revered and sensationalised Jewish organised crime concealed under petty European and American street gangs (Mafia) compare only to our racketeering legal system in a veneer of legitimacy, respectability and the illusion of justice. Both are controlled by the unconscionable Jew, the latter being the ultimate calculating master of deception and deflection. I am now more aware that our nation is controlled by the lowest form of Piracy. Having usurped the European and demonised the notion of a Nationalist government there is a faux leadership of wandering Jews claiming to “represent” Britain. This alien parasite now levies their unilateral and distorted version of “social benevolence” back to our people as their own private business deal. This also applies to the European Union (EU) were even within this Jewish construct a so called ‘European’ Jewish Union EJU  ‘the true engine room’ comfortably sits driving Aryan Europe into the dirt. Our mere existence has enabled this construct of “Dependency” that is based around a network of global Jewish accountancy. This enriches the solvent Jewish kabala of tribal leaders who have de-constructed our national industries and national social mechanisms and replaced it with an infrastructure of selective favour, disadvantage and destructive governmental policy.

It only takes our simple signature to initiate the flow of new digital money from our NI bond taking the public into commercial redemption. The signature creates a bill of exchange. Once presented to the treasury (bookkeeper) funds (new digital money) are raised and transferred from our own pre-paid birth bond account (birth certificate) for the Jew to use. Thus we are forever being cajoled into using our NI number. One prime example for generating huge finances is the fear factor a key method used by big pharma. Through their parliamentary puppets they encourage mass unnecessary preventative screening and vaccinations for undiagnosed ailments and followed by our signature of consent at the medical centre……. ‘Big fat cheque’ and another part of their strategy of tension. The whole infrastructure is set in the Jews favour and encourages us to use this lucrative asset that keeps them in power. Every time we are enticed to use our NI number it is bundled with other bonds and covertly used by these Jewish corporate interlopers as a certified bond trade-able asset on the futures stock market to raise new digital money. This is similar to bundled mortgage bonds (gilts) used on the stock exchange (our labour and production into the nation’s infrastructure is the ‘insurance’ trade off) We are in fact the true stock holders and the Jewish method of consent via signature allow the rapid haemorrhaging of finances tax free to dilute away from our economy either to pamper their non-European imports or into offshore corporate Jewish banks. This exposes our nation to extreme Pregnantborrowing, a criminal method of compound usury delivering us to eternal debt slavery and a cunning way to have us pay for our own enslavement.

This sort of trading gives life and power to the meaning of money (bills of exchange and promissory notes). There is no different from a farmers market auction buying and selling cattle and indeed this is precisely how the Jew perceives our people. In fact the term ‘Goy’ (plural goyim) referring to non-Jews actually means cattle as expressed in the Talmud ‘The goyim are not human they are beasts’  [Baba Mazia 114b]  and etymologically derived from the Hebrew term שקץ, sheketz, meaning “abomination”, “impure,” or “object of loathing” the Yiddish term for a non-Jewish female ‘Shiksa’ actually denotes a whore.

By design the long term objective of the Shetar has always been to incrementally reduce the ownership of possessions and property from the goy. This is why the council housing stock of our city and nation has been relegated to tax free property trusts stripping and locking away our assets and de-constructing all our protective national social mechanisms to bait us into submission, the target city ‘on paper’ has been asset stripped.

Jewish people trading is engineered on manipulative wordplay “benefit”

instead of entitlement. Therefore, when our folk submit their signature and

power of attorney by consent over to the Jewish “Shetar network“; especially

‘Banks’ but also courts, solicitors, hospitals, charities, unemployment office, as

well as student grants offered back as a ransom loan, or other such body

specifically designed as a societal safety net there is implied gratitude to this

alien entity even though the entitlements, interests and social insurance is

ours. Even in the negative a mere traffic ticket or council tax charge is

negotiated through our NI bond to introduce new digital money. This plunder

and deceit of our inherent social security bond manages to elude criminal

scrutiny. It is the bait and switch within the scheme that distorts the bond

method. Our hereditary position as nationals has been switched so the

corporate (resident) flunkies benefit from both sides and will only be reversed

when the Jew is removed.

(Special measures act section 9 Nationals and residents ss (1) sss (a)

ss (2) sss (b) … ).

Self-employment is another example. While it still exists, it continues to be exploited and sabotaged. The European is meant to struggle to navigate through corrosive policies loaded with idiotic ransom taxes designed to take away the, passion, enjoyment independence and sustainability of small and micro industry. The Jew is incubating a mentality of merciless back biting between competitors and short term meagre existence. The taxi industry is a prime target where ‘Israeli‘ based start-up Taxi app ‘Get‘ is in a, so called! aggressive stand-off (playing both sides) with Uber for global control, which includes Britain’s taxi market.

A further example goes back to the introduction of the death duty tax. This was used against the lower gentry as a punishment to reduce their wealth and bring them back to obedience for previously going against the power structure. It was then imposed socially onto our nation’s folk to further reinforce their long term objective. Under current rules, 40 per cent tax is charged on estates worth more than £325,000, rising to £650,000 for married couples. Notice how many stately homes now reside within our so called National Trust supposedly in benevolence to the nation when in fact it sits in corporate banks off shore plundering the wealth of the nation waiting in anticipation for the remainder as each generation is habitually stripped of their means of security. This is just one and a prime example of furtively reducing power and wealth into fewer hands! Yet they still mislead us with the class system when in fact the real system removing power from the people and workers is Judaism. In more recent news, however, death tax is expected to be scrapped for homes worth up to £1million and while this would seem like great news in reality it would merely “free up much-needed larger homes”.  The question is ‘much needed for what’? At the rate the Jewish tribe are displacing Europeans no doubt it is for their imported voting block…

Running in parallel to this economic disenfranchisement is the genetic destruction of the European Kalergi2race. Under the construct of affirmative action the non-European races are imported as a tool to destroy the natural demographic of our ancestral European land while the weapon of abortion waved through decades of their pervasive £££ governmental policy and their UN construct has driven down the European birth rate leaving a huge void for their well informed and cared for imports. Furthermore the assault on the European environment both via chemical pollutants (air and soil) and genetically modified food not only is our national diet processed through a barrage of so called ‘regulated’ corporate industries that offer chemical potions of nutrient void food but is chemically altered to feminise the male and masculinise the female. Thus there are multiple attacks on our folk, not only having to deal with deliberate pollutants and dietary obstacles that cause untold health damage, but also contending with the mental challenges of cultural Marxism“. This Jewish ideology is the key to corroding Europe’s moral compass by inverting the natural order. The distraction offered to us is feminism through a Spice girl mentality. A philosophy that has delivered us the fruits of .. ‘in the workplace’ .. mass redundancies, unemployment,.. ‘in the ISIS is Israel jokehome’… evictions, divorce, relationship and family breakdowns, drug and alcohol abuse, mental depression,.. ‘resulting in’.. a new wave of suicides. Nevertheless this was to be expected given that your life’s work and cultural values are being trampled, all advantages are offered to effeminate weak individuals and a plethora of non-European imports while you are made a social misfit. Is this what WWII delivered us… a toxic rainbow.

The Jew has manufactured conditions to induce a decline in fertility, encourage or force smaller family size and Kalergi change the ethnic make-up to be sure of eradicating and replacing the Europeans with a toxic mix of farmed puppet cast imports who can’t think beyond the next inducement. This can only be seen as conduits for proxy sterilisation and dysgenics diluting globally the remaining 8% of our European folk all to advantage by proxy the Jewish tribe.  In fact it is the Talmudic chameleon that manipulates Jewish privilege into the construct known as ‘white privilege’ and by design all global chaos i.e coursed by the bidding of the Jew establishment has the face of the European grafted onto the mass of our European raceIndeed reality turned on its head and this same technique has been used with their black slave trade and Holocaust fables to conceal their European genocide of our folk “Holodomor genocides”. Their annual Chanukah festival is also a prime example of celebrating the genocide of our folk.  Their whole objective in invoking the Politically Correct agenda was to coerce Europeans into accepting empowered none European cultures into our lands. This is all part of the Zio-Marxist agenda like the Turkish Airport or Charlie Hebdo theatrical display in France created as part of their strategy of tension. We are conditioned to know more about the Middle East and African countries than we are about the nations of our own European brethren. While these distractions preoccupy us, covertly Harmonythe infrastructure of Europe and the rest of the world is being leased off through their Shetar agents to ‘Communist China‘ and Wahhabi Jews who have also bond traded their people into economic slavery another arm of Judaic corporate compound usury  The objective is to subjugate European man and lay the foundation for Jewish Talmudic law

Multiculturalism and the politically correct global village scam is an ideal distraction that allows the Jew to conceal his crimes. The current most persuasive scapegoat is Islam used to conceal even the most The European grammar of self Tollerence Johnathon Bowdennotorious of Mossad  false flags (9/11) Meanwhile, Europe’s vast wealth, Spirituality, and culture are quickly being subjugated to the atheistic materialism of Jewish Marxism. In fact now that the Jewish Zio-Marxist agenda has in their grip the laws of Europe through their Jewish shetar and overridden the religious hierarchy of the European this cult of parasitic subversives has achieved enough to openly defecate all over our territorial achievements. The Jew does this with the likes of their annual Chanukah festival. The menorah appearing in cities across Europe to celebrate the ongoing genocide of ethnic Europeans that continues to reduce the European to minority position and the current Pope tells us to treat the Jews as our elder brother! This alone shows that the Catholic Church has been infiltrated. For centuries the Catholic Church has been a paragon of European strength. Yet in the last few decades Jewish influence has been catapulted in and the new ‘rainbow’ concept was exposed at Vatican II tearing apart fundamental Catholic dogma. So just as Jewish Zionism indoctrinated the Bible belt of America with Christian Zionism the Vatican now favours the Jews.


Thus just like the hijacking and export of our national industries, a transfer of power has taken place in the Churches all over white nations to disenfranchise Europeans. This has enabled the Jewish tribe to fine tune the deception that makes use of each person as an insurance bond for business trading on the stock market through birth bonds (gilts). The displaced now become the product of a system castrated by the Jew and is then managed by the Jews non-European imports, the displaced are then used in pointless governmental work programs or passive type gulag methods to massage accounts and employment figures to show a semblance of a healthy economy to lead the masses further down the rabbit hole. These alien victors of WWII holding all the jigsaw pieces have introduced many sinister methods to insure their favored outcome. The tribe use an “Actuarial science” by introducing sinister methods, a dialectical approach to the future that ensures a Jewish goal. Now imagine if this science was up-scaled and applied to The France Charlie Hebdo terror attack or the Sept 11 Twin Towers bravado! Notice how it affected the bonds and gilts market. Terror and anarchy is Jew harvesting. Civil ServiceThese corrosive methods are just a sample of the techniques that have been used to enslave all goyim (cattle). All these social challenges are now affecting the physical and mental stability of a huge proportion of aimless Europeans now having to deal with an uncertain future.  We need ‘national protectionism‘ instigated by the European to help rebuild medium, small and cottage industry while supporting localism to help rebuild our economy ‘bottom upwards’ instead of capital ‘top downwards’.

Zionist EU ruleThe EU ‘in or out’ issue is a Jew shout to all these well cared for ‘none European’ imports to cast their ‘stay in’ vote while the Jew ‘still’ straddles both sides to be sure of upholding the politically correct global village scam.

The sudden Brexit campaign, the same controlled opposition scam – another dialectic in the form of ‘good cop’ ‘bad cop’, a release valve to interfere with a mass awakening. Notice how conveniently, after the leave camp won June 2016 … Suddenly!!! So-called race attacks appeared across the UK against!!! Not only Muslims, but now Polish, and the forever despised Germans! While at the same time the British youth are now being conditioned to believe the EU leave camp was the fault of a generational divide, which they are turning it into another hate struggle, between what I see as the ‘elderly normal‘ and the ‘EU cloned youth‘ the usual agitating used by the Jew establishment and their Zio-Marxist puppets as an insurance to continually cause bad blood and divide the Europeans but also to broker in new Shetar hate laws. The public were led to believe the Brexit was supposed to be about leaving the ‘EU construct’ not dividing our European brethren who at this crucial point all need to unite to save Europe not just from a manufactured war but as a culture and dying Aryan tribe. The ‘reverse immigration’ issue as was being implied through these staged events, in reality should have been about non European invaders, and their long term Jew guardians who gate keep!… ‘Guardians’ who solely benefit from all the division, ‘In or out’ of the EU. The choice offered Jew bankersby the referendum is no choice for the European, and the outcome no matter what, will only ever while he remains, serve the Jew.

“In times of war, the law falls silent.  Silent enim leges inter arma” ― Marcus Tullius Cicero

This just highlights how the Jewish monopoly uses its shetar against us always manipulating so that our people lose.  I am so glad my roller coaster ride has delivered me to this point forcing me to de-program myself off their tread mill and forcing me to adapt sooner rather than later as a financial collapse looms over us, a manufactured leveller that no one will escape.

I also recognise that their house of cards is falling apart as identified in the recent speech by Jewish Prime Minister David Cameron sending out a significant warning through the school network of programmed youth. This was a warning to all truth tellers that truth is no defence. As yet their Semitic trickery gains favour from the naive masses who blindly accept the official Shepherdnarrative. A dogma of contradiction created by economic slave traders (Jewish Corporate establishment) for their brain-dead economic slaves who without consideration absorb their preconditioned constructs as if it were their own natural conclusion. That the ‘anti-racist’ rant is merely name calling, a fall-back position for Marxist puppets of the new Jewish international who do not have an argument to counteract the truth has yet to penetrate the cowardly mass.

You can be Semitic savvy to the Muslim issue; you can be more than savvy to the Islamic issue and even savvy to the mass Immigration issue! Both are called free speech. However, dare to be ‘Jew savvy’ to the Jew business of people trading through mass importation and other Yiddish criminality it suddenly becomes ‘anti-Semitic’. I see it as an achievement to have been rendered a social outcast by the Jew establishment. It has enabled me to identify the ignorance of the true ‘hater’ (international Marxist) in their reaction to me. It is they who now wear the badge of leprosy helping sustain the economic slave cycle that will eventually collapse all Europeans into a dependent subsistence system.

One now has to ask why the Jew Cameron needs to sound board such a serious message concerning MossadB’nai B’rith and Sayanim agents through an insignificant children’s school. He is obviously planting the seed into the naive newly programmed EU clones that are now maturing in Jewish Academies to reinforce the ideologies dogma. It is they, through social media, who will accelerate the message of the castrated system.

No doubt people who took an interest in the Quiggins struggle during its earlier hostilities will be asking how my situation became such a complex matter. From a unique thriving business it descended rapidly while our historical footprint has been almost removed from Liverpool’s social history. Now personally I almost depleted and re-categorized as an Internally Displaced Person (IDP) previously refuged to the YMCA homeless shelter in Liverpool.

A further 9 chapters of the report coming soon! For those interested in the earlier events of Quiggins read chapter 2 soon! 


Plunder part 1/10…. ‘Hyenas’

Plunder part 2/10… (Pending publication)

Plunder part 3/10 … ‘Unlawful Eviction’ 

Plunder Part 4/10 ‘IDP’ (Internally Displaced Person)

Plunder… part 5/10…Refugee.. 

Plunder Part 6/10…Wolf in sheeps clothing 

Plunder Part 7/10 .. Cash cow.

Plunder part 8/10 Weimar Conditions 

Plunder part 9/10.. Jewish Supremacism… coming soon

Plunder Part 10/10 … Summary… 


Source:       https://peterquiggins.wordpress.com/2016/04/15/plunder/?preview_id=4051&preview_nonce=8dbd6db71d&post_format=standard&preview=true


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Celem jest wpłynięcie na pobudkę polskich Słowian, abyśmy odzyskali naszą ojczyznę

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"Dla triumfu zła potrzeba tylko, by dobrzy ludzie nic nie robili"

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Prawda zawsze zwycięża

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Strona Stowarzyszenia Wierni Polsce Suwerennej


Connecting true geography and detailed unfolding of wide variety of crimes perpetrated by German/Ukrainian Nazis and jewish bolsheviks of Soviet Union on the Polish nation.

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Connecting true geography and detailed unfolding of wide variety of crimes perpetrated by German/Ukrainian Nazis and jewish bolsheviks of Soviet Union on the Polish nation.


Connecting true geography and detailed unfolding of wide variety of crimes perpetrated by German/Ukrainian Nazis and jewish bolsheviks of Soviet Union on the Polish nation.

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Connecting true geography and detailed unfolding of wide variety of crimes perpetrated by German/Ukrainian Nazis and jewish bolsheviks of Soviet Union on the Polish nation.


Connecting true geography and detailed unfolding of wide variety of crimes perpetrated by German/Ukrainian Nazis and jewish bolsheviks of Soviet Union on the Polish nation.


Connecting true geography and detailed unfolding of wide variety of crimes perpetrated by German/Ukrainian Nazis and jewish bolsheviks of Soviet Union on the Polish nation.

Connecting true geography and detailed unfolding of wide variety of crimes perpetrated by German/Ukrainian Nazis and jewish bolsheviks of Soviet Union on the Polish nation.

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