Connecting true geography and detailed unfolding of wide variety of crimes perpetrated by German/Ukrainian Nazis and jewish bolsheviks of Soviet Union on the Polish nation.

Polish-jewish relations

Contemporary Polish-Jewish relations resemble a vicious circle.
Most Poles firmly believe that Poland has always been one of the most tolerant countries in the world and that antisemitism has existed only on the margins of Polish society. As far as they are concerned, there has been no such phenomenon as Polish antisemitism, for Poland has always been a true paradisus Judeorum.
In 1264, King Boleslav of Poland granted a charter inviting the Jews there. The charter was a document granting Jews unprecedented rights and privileges.

For example, it stated that:
“The testimony of the Christian alone may not be admitted in a matter which concerns the money or property of a Jew. In every such incidence there must be the testimony of both a Christian and a Jew. If a Christian injures a Jew in any which way, the accused shall pay a fine to the royal treasury.”
• “If a Christian desecrates or defiles a Jewish cemetery in any which way, it is our wish that he be punished severely as demanded by law.”
• “If a Christian should attack a Jew, the Christian shall be punished as required by the laws of this land. We absolutely forbid anyone to accuse the Jews in our domain of using the blood of human beings.”
• “We affirm that if any Jew cry out in the night as a result of violence done to him, and if his Christian neighbours fail to respond to his cries and do not bring the necessary help, they shall be fined.”
• “We also affirm that Jews are free to buy and sell all manner of things just as Christians, and if anyone hampers them, he shall pay a fine.”
This was an amazing document.
Jews who were persecuted everywhere else found refuge in Poland, which became an attractive destination point. In Poland, in the early 16th century, there was a GOLDEN AGE for the POLISH JEWRY. The Jews were allowed to have their own governing body called the Va’ad Arba Artzot-The Council of the Four Lands, which was composed of various rabbis from the four major Polish provinces (Great Poland, Little Poland, Volhynia and Polodia) who oversaw the affairs of the Jews in Eastern Europe. The Poles did not interfere with Jewish life and scholarship flourished. Along with the growth in Torah scholarship there was growth in population. In 1500 there were about 50,000 Jews living in Poland. By 1650 there were 500,000 Jews. This means that by the mid 17th at least 30% or more of the Jewish population of the world was living in Poland! The Jews in these independent communities spoke their own language called Yiddish. Original Yiddish was written in Hebrew letters and was a mixture of Hebrew, Slavic, and German. Jews worked as administrators and tax collectors for Polish feudal lords, which understandably did not make them popular among the local folk. This was especially true in places like the Ukraine. And while the Polish nobility might have needed the Jews, the common Poles didn’t. But overall, the Jews did very well in Poland gathering wealth, taking over the best buildings for properties, prominent positions within the business sector and opening factories where Poles worked almost like slaves, which made Jews extremely rich.

On the other hand, most Jews, now resentful to the polish awakening in the face of their greedy attitude, especially those on the American continent and in Western Europe, maliciously claim that Poland is one of the most anti-Semitic countries in the world.
Jews have often shared the former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir’s belief that virtually all Poles received their antisemitism “with their mothers’ milk.”
Who else have I heard it from?
Oh, yes, some Germans say that too. Are they perhaps the disguised Jews posing as Germans?
Or are they the neo-Nazi Germans that borrowed the jewish expression to slander the Poles?

Often, this unfortunate polarization makes any reasonable communication, let alone consensus, quite impossible. A regrettable, knotty and tragic Polish-Jewish war intensifies, stirring up further tensions also between Germans and Poles.

The Polish civic religion had already begun to crystallize in early modern times as the “antemurale Christianitatis”—the bulwark of Catholic Christianity against the Moslem Turks and Tartars, the Orthodox Muscovites and the Protestant Swedes and Prussians.
The Polish civic religion developed significantly after the Partitions of Poland ripened during the Second World War and the ensuing communist regime.

Nineteenth-century ideas, such as vision of Poland as a Messiah of nations, were supplemented by contemporary concepts. Most Poles believe that other nations, particularly those in Europe, owe some debt to Poland because it was Poland that stopped the Muslim siege of Vienna and Europe in 1683, and it was Poland that stopped Bolsheviks takeover of Europe in 1920, and it was Poland that maintained the longest, and most determined defense against Nazi Germany, and Poland, even though it had the largest number of casualties during the war, opposed Bolshevism again from the outset and was always right about the true character of the Soviet Union.
“Not many of you know that Stalin, Lenin, Marx, Trotsky were all Jews. Most of the murders committed during the Soviet holocaust were committed by Jews.

http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3342999,00.html   )
Jewish Bolsheviks made any form of Anti-Semitism illegal and punished it by death. Accusations of antisemitism were not investigated. Alleged usurpers were either directly executed or sent to one of the Gulags, the real extermination camps run by Jews.
“The Genocide You Never Hear Of” ;
While exact figures will never be known, more than 100 Million people, mostly Slavic Christians perished during the wide spread ethnic cleansing imposed upon Russia by the Jewish Bolsheviks during the 74 years of the Jews sponsored totalitarian communism. The vast number of innocent people massacred by the Jews was so great, it remains and will likely forever be the greatest mass murder in human history.

“You must understand, the leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. It cannot be overstated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the global media is in the hands of the perpetrators.” Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

In the earliest days of soviet jewish communism, the Jews delighted that they had bamboozled the confused masses and taken firm hold of the reins of power in the Kremlin. Zio-communist agents Lenin and Trotsky were able finally let their true, murderous selves come fully to light. All those demonic fantasies in their diseased minds were unleashed and blood began to flow; pain, horror, unspeakable acts multiplied as the Red Terror engulfed an entire nation of helpless victims. The people had been promised great benefits. They were rewarded for their foolish trust with death, hunger, lies, and destruction. Sixty-six million perished. Many rabbis have stated that zionism and communism are the same thing.
Among the Communist elite, 98 percent of whom were Jews, joy and glee were the order of the day. The Jewish Communist swindlers took over the banks, the corporations, the luxurious estates, the farms, the property of the common people—everything was theirs. No one was to discover that the monsters were Jews and thanks to the Jew-owned media of the West no one did.
Back in America, during those heady days of Communist revolution, Jews celebrated the B’nai B’rith Magazine (New York, March 1933) announced, “Under the new regime (in Russia), and that at last it is possible to be a real Jew.” The attitude of the Jews was understandable; after all, their most holy book, the Jewish Talmud, teaches, “The best of the Gentiles must be Killed!”

The Bolsheviks’ Killing Fields

Crimes of the Bolsheviks


During the war the Polish underground army was the largest in Europe.
Most Poles think that during all those complex territorial and ethnic conflicts of East-Central Europe — in the Lwów, Vilno, and Cieszyn regions, in Volhynia, Eastern Galicia, Silesia, Pomerania, and East Prussia, the Poles behaved contrary to their opponents, exclusively in an impeccably chivalrous way.

Churchill, Roosevelt, and many other Western politicians were, in Polish eyes, traitors and cowards, because they “sold Poland down the river” and collaborated with Stalin, even though Polish pilots fought the Battle of Britain and on other fronts.
After the war, it became obvious that there were marked differences in the Jewish and Polish expectations and perceptions.
According to Poles, a new occupation started in 1945 and that Jews helped to establish it, just as they had done in 1939-41 in eastern Poland.
In a bizarre twist of fate, the Soviets, who were also guilty of all these crimes and therefore should have been in the dock alongside the Nazis, sat in righteous judgment upon them.

In regard to Poland alone, the list of Soviet crimes against peace, war crimes and crimes against humanity during the Second World War is very long indeed. It includes:

  • the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and its secret Protocol for the partition of Poland
  • the invasion and occupation in September 1939 of Eastern Poland, an area containing eight out of sixteen Poland’s prewar provinces and representing 52 percent of Polish soil with over 13 million people
  • the consequent breaking of two bilateral treaties with Poland, namely – the 1921 Treaty of Riga and the 1932 Polish-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact, renewed in 1934 for an additional ten years; moreover, as a member [since 1934] of the League of Nations, the Soviet Union violated at least three multilateral pacts as well
  • the gratuitous handing over of Wilno and the Wilno region to Lithuania in exchange for allowing the Soviets to have military bases in that country
  • the rigged plebiscites on the basis of which the occupied Polish territories were incorporated into the Belorussian SSR and the Ukrainian SSR
  • the wholesale looting of Polish raw materials, agricultural produce and both movable and immovable goods to Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union
  • the wrecking of the Polish economy and the banking system
  • the subversion of the Polish educational system, the arts, and the free press
  • the trampling underfoot of human rights, including the freedoms of free speech, assembly and worship
  • the confiscation of all Polish private and state landed property
  • the exorbitant taxation without representation
  • the four massive and other, less-known smaller deportations of entire Polish families to the gulag
  • the massive arrests of so-called counterrevolutionaries and anti-Soviet elements
  • the internment of Polish POWs in forced-labour camps in occupied Eastern Poland and the USSR
  • the 1940 cold-blooded execution and burial in ground pits in Katyn, Mednoye and Kharkov of 21 857 Polish prisoners [this exact number of those murdered comes from a 1959 KGB memorandum from Aleksandr Shelepin to Nikita Khruschev and represents the total number of executions during the April-May 1940 action, including 7300 persons murdered in Belorussia and Ukraine]. The relatives of the victims in the Soviet-occupied part of Poland were subjected to one of the most severe repressions – deportation to the gulag. In postwar Poland, they were not allowed to speak of the manner in which their loved ones died, and had to mourn them in complete silence
  • the ground pits, filled with Polish corpses, recently-discovered near Tavda and Tomsk, east of the Ural Mountains
  • the forced ‘death marches’ to the interior of the Soviet Union following the June 1941 Nazi invasion
  • the massive, cold-blooded executions of thousands of prisoners in occupied Eastern Poland in the first days of that invasion
  • the establishment of a communist party in Nazi-occupied Poland in early 1942 with orders to destabilize the Polish Underground by denouncing its members to the Gestapo
  • the Moscow 1943 order to combat the Polish Underground with “every possible means”
  • the establishment in 1943 of the Moscow-based Union of Polish Patriots to take over the   Polish government after the war
  • the deliberate withholding of material and military assistance to the defenders of Warsaw during the 1944 uprising
  • Stalin’s 1944 order to liquidate the members of all Polish Underground forces, which resulted in the execution of thousands of Polish soldiers and the arrest and deportation of tens of thousands to the interior of the Soviet Union.


These, and similar Soviet actions cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of Polish citizens throughout the war and caused indescribable pain and sufferings to millions more. Such a terrible physical and psychological reign of terror has seldom been witnessed in the annals of human history. Its main objective, no doubt, was nothing less than the complete destruction of the socio-cultural life of the twenty year old Second Republic of Poland.
There were no Jews fighting against communism, but there were numerous Jews among the new communist authorities who were helping to subjugate Poland and to kill the Poles.

The “guards” and “militias” springing up like mushrooms right after the Soviet attack were in large part made up of Jews. Nor is this all; Jews committed acts of revolt against the Polish state, taking over towns and setting up revolutionary committees there, arresting and shooting representatives of the Polish state authorities, attacking smaller or even fairly large units of the Polish Army (as in Grodno).
It was armed collaboration, taking the side of the enemy, betrayal in the days of defeat.

So it was in the first period, when the Polish state was still defending itself, when Polish army units were fighting and it seemed that not all was lost.

The Jews then played the role of a “fifth column.”

Later, things became much worse. Strzembosz cites the conclusions of Dr. Marek Wierzbicki as to who implemented the Bolshevik terror – of course the NKVD and before that, the Red Army, but the miscellaneous guard formations and militias played a decisive role on an everyday basis. And their ranks were primarily filled with Jews. In the period September-December 1939, numerous arrests took place of those representatives of the Polish population who before the war filled high functions in the administration and political structures of the Polish state or who were very involved in community work. The local Jews, members of the temporary administration or militia, provided extensive assistance to the Soviet authorities in tracking down and arresting them.

Jews Picked Out Poles For Execution

Why did this happen? What were the roots of this terrible hatred toward Poland and the cruel revenge on Poles?”It is true,” writes Strzembosz, “things were not too well for the Jews in Poland, but still, Poles did not deport jews to Siberia, did not sent to concentration camps or slave labour, and/or starved to death. If Jews did not consider Poland as their homeland they should’ve left instead of joining its mortal enemy in killing Polish soldiers and murdering Polish civilians fleeing to the east.
In Jedwabne Jews led the NKVD to apartments and houses denouncing Polish patriots. The description of the tortures inflicted upon Polish conspirators by the NKVD in Jedwabne is shocking. The following is an account by Corporal Antoni B., a member of the anti-Soviet underground who was turned in to the NKVD by Jews: ” They took me for interrogation, the investigating judge and the NKVD commander and one torturer came, and they sat me on a stool next to a brick wall, then I look over and one in civilian clothes took a stick from behind the stove like the kind in the walls of our tents, that long and thick, and suddenly they threw me on the floor and stuffed my cap in my mouth and started to beat me, I couldn’t cry out because the judge sat on my legs and the second one held me by the head and held the cap in my mouth, and I fought back until I tore the cap to bits, and the third torturer beat me the whole time, I got that stick more or less 30 times, and they stopped beating me and sat me on the stool by the wall. I had long hair, and the senior lieutenant grabbed me by the hair and started to beat my head against the wall, I thought that nothing would be left of my head, he tore the whole clump of hair from my head, they threw me on the ground and started to beat me with a hazel stick, they turned me from side to side and beat me, and in addition two of them were still sitting on me and suffocating me and said that they would finish me off. They kept beating me until they probably knew that I couldn’t take anymore, so at last they let me go. They beat me like a cat in a sack, and at the end they sat me on the stool and beat me with the stick on the arms.”
Jedwabne Jews, as in the entire territory occupied by the Soviets, constituted the nuts and bolts of the machinery of repression. Up to the last moment, they were delivering Polish patriots into the hands of the NKVD and preparing the next deportation transports to Siberia. Therefore they now are covering tracks of their crimes with false accusation against Poles.
Throughout Eastern Poland, local Jewish, Belorussian and communists formed militias and “revolutionary committees”. With the blessing of the Soviet invaders, they apprehended, robbed, and murdered Polish officials, policemen, teachers, politicians, community leaders, landowners, and “colonists” (i.e. inter-war settlers) – the so-called enemies of the people. They also plundered and set fire to Polish property and destroyed Polish national and religious monuments. Scores of murders of individuals and groups have been recorded. Robbery of Polish property took on massive proportions with the spoils enriching the collaborators’ families and their communities. One of the earliest and most hideous crimes was the murder of almost as many as fifty Poles in the village of Brzostowica Mala, near Grodno around September 20, before the Soviets were installed in the area.

Vicious Jews Killed A Polish Countess

A pro-communist band with red armbands and armed with blades and axes, led by a Jewish trader by the name of Ajzik, entered the village, dragged people out of their houses and cruelly massacred the entire Polish population. The victims included Count Antoni Wolkowicki and his wife Ludwika, his brother-in-law Zygmunt Woynicz-Sianozecki, the county reeve and his secretary, the accountant, the mailman, and the local teacher. The victims of this orgy of violence were tortured, tied with barbed wire, pummelled with sticks, forced to swallow quicklime, thrown into a ditch and buried alive.
The paralyzed Countess Ludwika Wolkowicka was dragged to the execution site by her hair. The murder was ordered by Zak Motyl, a Jew who headed the “revolutionary committee”- composed of Jews and Belorussians -in Brzostowica Wielka.
Typically, the culprits were never punished. On the contrary, the NKVD officers praised them for their “class-conscious” actions, and Ajzik was made the president of the local cooperative. The Polish elite: Judges, Policemen, Teachers Were All Killed.
Even catholic priests were killed.



After the war the Jews left their hiding places in Poland and began returning from Soviet exile or the liberated Nazi camps. They hoped that the Poles would sympathize with and help them. Many Poles, even though still shocked by the disastrous war, did treat the Jews with compassion and extended a helping hand. But many others remembered the sacrifices they made without much appreciation from the jews.
Many Poles were well aware of Jews enthusiastically supporting the Soviet authorities during the 1939-41 Soviet occupation of eastern Poland and of instigating an anti-Polish atmosphere in the West during the entire war.
The Jews even created a thesis that Adolf Hitler located the Nazi extermination camps in Poland because he was certain that the Poles would help to annihilate the Jews.
Jews frequently claimed that a clear majority of Poles considered the Holocaust a “German-Jewish war” that did not concern them.
Sacrifices made by Poles in order to protect some Jews were not satisfactory.
Well, I would like to see them in the shoes of the Poles oppressed by the invasion and war!
In fact Jews collaborated with the Nazis;



Jewish police escorting Jews who were rounded up for deportation to the Auschwitz death camp during the summer of 1944, Łódź ghetto.

Jewish Collaborators of the 21st Century

Professor at Polish Academy of Sciences: ‘Jews participated in the murder of their people’


Judenrat was The Jewish Councils in the Ghettos of Poland.
The ghetto Jews not only did not resist the increasing oppression, but sometimes even assisted the Nazi terror by becoming Kapos.
Judenrats’ were the traitorous Jews who helped the Nazis exterminate their fellow Jews. The actions of a tiny minority of the Jewish population were instrumental in inflicting significant, perhaps enormous, losses on the Jewish population.



Poles considered the existence of the Jewish councils and the Jewish police in the ghettos to be a clear and undeniable act of collaboration with the Nazis, which made it much more difficult for Poles to help those in real need.

How could people who had lost their fathers and brothers, mothers and sisters and frequently their entire families, people who were desperately fighting for survival themselves, even think about the Jews only?
How could anybody demand that the entire nation behave like heroes and how could anybody blame people for capitulating to fear in the face of death?
They themselves, (Poles) were terrorized and murdered every day.



Polish women led to an execution – just one of many tragic incidents.

Yet numerous Poles helped Jews, and paid for this act of kindness with their lives and the lives of their families, but Jews were truly ungrateful, because even when they survived thanks to Polish efforts, they continued to malign the Polish society. They don’t know how to be thankful. They believe in their privileged status of the “chosen ones” and that everyone else owes them!
Unlike most Poles, they did not see the Red Army as a major threat; they welcomed it with flowers and cheers.
Many Poles overwhelmed by both the war and the post-war situation, were unable to devote much thought to the Jews. Others believed that Jews were at least partially responsible for their sufferings. Some believed that Jews exaggerated in their anti-Polish accusations and therefore reacted with anger to any critical remarks concerning Polish- Jewish relations.

Poles believed that they had fought bravely against the Germans, while Jews had remained passive and kept accusing Poles of antisemitism .
Furthermore, the Jews were not the only ones who were isolated during the war. The Polish cause, too, was abandoned, in the fall of 1939, during the 1944 Warsaw uprising, and in Teheran, Yalta and Potsdam.
It was the Allies, most Poles reasoned, who could and should have done more for the Jews, and it was the Western societies, including Jews among them, that were far more responsible for the Holocaust by their disinterest.

In the post war era, Poland contributed decidedly to the destruction of the Soviet
system, but current Western intentions toward Poland are again not quite honest, and the żydokomuna (Judeo-communism) was growing stronger, hoping to create their Jewish state within the State.
A secret agent of Jewish nationality became a symbol of the new regime.
The communists manipulated the Jewish issue cynically, interpreting any opposition to the government as nationalist, reactionary, and antisemitic.

Poles believed that the Jews not only occupied numerous high positions in the Soviet security system in Poland, but also distinguished themselves by using excessive force;

Poles also felt threatened by the growing presence of Jews in communist intellectual circles, on the editorial boards of Polish periodicals, at Polish universities, and in other cultural institutions.
Soviet persecutions, new martyrology, and the hardships of everyday life overwhelmed the Polish nation, and in their eyes overshadowed the Holocaust.

Germans and the Soviets decimated the Polish society, but they did not change its fabric and structure. During the very first years of the Soviet order, entire classes of Polish society disappeared, including the landowners. As an example, apparently Felix Dzierzynski, a Polish aristocrat was one of them who disappeared and a Jew stole his identity, title and his property becoming the famous communist of “Polish nobility”.
The Polish gentry that had shaped the Polish nation and state, was its soul and pillar, and had created the cultural patterns that other classes of Polish society regarded as their standard of behaviour.
Most Poles did not support the new system and did not want its stabilization.
Some hoped that the Soviet Union would not be able to subjugate the entire area of East-Central Europe and that the Soviet bloc would simply disintegrate.

Most Jews on the other hand had very different expectations.
They believed that the new regime would survive, and that the new Poland that emerged would bear little resemblance to the Poland of the interwar period. They also believed that the ‘jewish’ democracy would rule.
Jews knew that before the war their co-nationalists constituted a large segment of the Communist party of Poland. Emil Sommerstein, a jewish Zionist, and a member of the Polish pre-war parliament, became a minister in the first Polish communist government.
Three Jewish deputies were members of the first post-war Polish parliament. Local Jewish communities were established in more than 230 towns and villages. There were Jewish schools, including a religious academy, theatres, publishing houses, Jewish newspapers, synagogues, hospitals, cooperatives, and radio programs. Tens of thousands of Jews lived in Polish towns.
In the early summer of 1946, a quarter of a million Jews lived in Poland.
But soon the Jewish post-war expectations crumbled. Frequently Jews felt like unwanted guests in Poland. Poles were getting tired of their arrogance.

Besides different experiences and different expectations, several other factors made Polish-Jewish relations tense and complicated after the war.
Many anti-communist Jews returning from the Soviet Union or leaving their wartime hiding places, planned to emigrate from Poland immediately anyway. They did not want to live in a devastated country, almost a graveyard. They were horrified by the brutalization of East European societies. They did not see a place for themselves in a communist society, with a limited or a nonexistent private sector.
During the installation of the Soviet order, Poland was involved in a “civil war.” After 1948, when the sovietisation of Poland rapidly accelerated and Soviet-Israeli relations were fractured, many Jewish institutions were liquidated and many Jews immigrated to Israel.
After the late 1940s and after 1956, there were few Jews left in Poland. (Officially) Nevertheless, the remaining tiny group and the people of remote Jewish background, and/or of mixed Polish-Jewish ancestry were still treated with suspicion.
However, the Polish communist regime did not want Poland’s image to be that of a country whose population was trying to escape abroad. As part of its plan to help the Jewish survivors start a new life, the government declared war on antisemitism.
Some Poles envied the Jews because they received material and financial aid from the Polish government as well as from abroad. Poles got nothing.
A Polish miner, for example, did not understand why his Jewish colleague received a stipend in addition to his regular wage.
So, the Poles mistrusted the Jewish cooperatives, which received additional financial support. They were also frustrated with the failure of the so-called productivization action: Jewish workers frequently left state factories for more profitable, better organized cooperatives and private enterprises.
All these caused a lot of resentment towards Jews.
Subsequently Zionists allowed the mass jewish emigration from Poland, which
I believe it was part of the plan anyway; plan to create the jewish State of Israel.
Many Jews remained hiding under changed names waiting for the right opportunity.

And again, in 1980 Solidarity was led by experienced Jewish agents who wanted to seize power in Poland as other Jewish cliques in the Stalinist period had done. The Polish economy had been crippled, and the international situation was tense after the proclamation of martial law in December 1981.
Yiddish courses were again offered at Polish universities. In Warsaw, the National Library organized its Jewish collection and the Jewish Historical Institute was revived without any consideration from the Polish public.
The pre-war Mayer Bałaban’s chair of Jewish History at Warsaw University was re-established; a similar chair was organized at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, and many articles on Jewish history were published in Polish journals.
Newspapers were publishing propaganda lies articles on the 1968 purges and on the Kielce ‘pogrom of Jews’.

Many Jews outside Poland seem not to have noticed these changes and still view Poland as a macabre cemetery populated by hostile barbarians (?! – who were these barbarians?).
Many Jews outside Poland also started viewing the country as land of opportunity for money grabbing property restitutions. That’s right!!

Poles fought both Germans and Soviets, and died for their fatherland.
By contrast, most Polish Jews felt that they had no fatherland to die for.
They felt no responsibility to join or contribute, and yet ….now they dare to make claims at the expense of Polish taxpayer!
Perhaps as a reward for their CRIMES of the CRIMES of their fathers!

History is frequently manipulated by political regimes and national movements, but memory in reality is more dangerously subjected to manipulation by time and by societies. Our ability to remember faithfully is limited. We construct our memories by combining elements from the original material with existing common knowledge. A lot of details are lost, and new material is added.

If some memories do not match the existing schemat, we tend to alter them to make them fit. We accept “thematically consistent information” more easily and, after many years, some images created through the process of suggestion become “as real and as vivid as a memory that arose from the actual perception.
The memories most Poles and Jews have of the Second World War and the post-war years are bound to be different because the two societies had different experiences during this period – experiences that deeply affected them and limited their mutual understanding. There is a history that many still are unaware of. There is falsified history wrongly thought at schools.

Most Poles feel that too much talking and writing about the Holocaust have overshadowed and diminished the memory of the true Polish martyrology, and rightly so.

How the young Poles are supposed to build their lives on the idea that their fatherland is as a crucified nation eternally bleeding in an inequitable fight against all the cowardly enemies that surround Poland on all sides?
The young Poles want homes to live in, jobs to go to good enough to support their families so they don’t have to migrate to another countries looking for better opportunities. They want peaceful relations with their neighbours across the border and co-operation on equal levels.

“Memory is the raw material of history for those who experienced and witnessed it.
One man’s history is another man’s lie.





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Connecting true geography and detailed unfolding of wide variety of crimes perpetrated by German/Ukrainian Nazis and jewish bolsheviks of Soviet Union on the Polish nation.

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Connecting true geography and detailed unfolding of wide variety of crimes perpetrated by German/Ukrainian Nazis and jewish bolsheviks of Soviet Union on the Polish nation.


Connecting true geography and detailed unfolding of wide variety of crimes perpetrated by German/Ukrainian Nazis and jewish bolsheviks of Soviet Union on the Polish nation.

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Connecting true geography and detailed unfolding of wide variety of crimes perpetrated by German/Ukrainian Nazis and jewish bolsheviks of Soviet Union on the Polish nation.


Connecting true geography and detailed unfolding of wide variety of crimes perpetrated by German/Ukrainian Nazis and jewish bolsheviks of Soviet Union on the Polish nation.


Connecting true geography and detailed unfolding of wide variety of crimes perpetrated by German/Ukrainian Nazis and jewish bolsheviks of Soviet Union on the Polish nation.

Connecting true geography and detailed unfolding of wide variety of crimes perpetrated by German/Ukrainian Nazis and jewish bolsheviks of Soviet Union on the Polish nation.

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